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The Aico smoke and heat detectors I install throughout Cardiff help protect families and their homes by providing sufficient warning of fire. They are extremely reliable and not prone to false alarms like some models.

All homes built after 1992 had mains-powered smoke alarms in Cardiff. Installed by local electricians as part of the house build. Manufacturers typically recommend replacing them every 10 years and put a “replace-by-date” on the side. Do you know when your smoke or heat detector needs to be replaced?

My smoke detector replacement service (bookable below) is to replace with like-for-like units for customers in the Cardiff area. If you do not have any smoke alarms (or would like more) installed; a site survey will be necessary. You can arrange this via the contact page.

The different types of smoke detectors

Ionisation respond to fast-flaming fires and sensitive to small particles, making them more prone to false alarms (and more so when they are placed near cooking areas). Suitable for stairwells and landings.

Optical detect smoldering fires associated with furniture fabric and overheated electrical wiring. The optical sensor sees smoke within its range. These are suitable for hallways, bedrooms and living rooms.

Heat alarms are designed for placement in kitchens and garages, where a rapid change in temperature will cause it to sound.

Multi-sensor combine optical and heat detection for total response

Stand-alone or inter-linked alarms?

I often visit properties where one, stand-alone alarm is installed. It’s location is a compromise between detecting fire and the sounder being close enough to wake the occupants in the bedrooms. South Wales Fire And Rescue service stated 20% of smoke alarms installed failed to operate in accidental fires. Incorrect location being a common reason.

The head of home safety encourages home owners to have a minimum of a smoke detector on each floor and heat detector in the kitchen.

Inter-linked models sound all alarms giving the occupant a greater chance of escape. Would you hear your detector whilst asleep? Alarms on all floors, inter-linked and close to sleeping areas will help your chance of escape in the event of fire.

Typically, three core and earth cable was used on properties throughout the Welsh capital after 1992 to connect smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors together. Some customers choose this option today; when the house is rewired or a later date. It means installing a cable between all detectors. The other option to connect detectors without running a cable is to use radio bases. This saves on labour costs because a cable connecting all the detectors together is not necessary.

Remote test and hush controls

Remote switches make testing, silencing and locating smoke detectors a breeze. So if you can’t easily reach yours, or just want to make things easier; I can install a remote control. A site survey is required to quote for installation.

Features of Aico’s remote test and hush controller

  • Locate alarm. Imagine all three (although it works with up to twelve) alarms sounding. Pressing the “locate alarm” button will silence all alarms aside from the one detecting a problem.
  • Silence alarm. This should only be pressed after the locate alarm button (to ensure there is no fire present). Pressing the silence alarm button will silence all alarms in your home.
  • Test alarm. This function will check all alarms are functioning (sounder and light will flash) and the controller itself is receiving mains power.

Smoke detector solutions for hard of hearing

High-output sounder from Aico – suitable for indoor and outdoors. Allows people that are hard-of-hearing to hear their smoke detectors sound (90-100dB(A) output at 1 metre).

South Wales Fire and Rescue reported 400 electrical fires in 2016-2017. Many injuries and deaths could be prevented if people had an early warning to get out of their property in time.

If your hearing doesn’t allow you to hear you current smoke detector installation; these can help. Get in touch for a site survey today.