Smoke, Heat and Carbon monoxide detector installation Cardiff

Smoke alarm installation will help protect your family and home by providing sufficient warning of fire. report many injuries and deaths could be prevented if people had an early warning to get out of their property in time.

All houses in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan built after 1992 had mains-powered smoke alarms installed by electricians as part of the house build although many people are not aware they have a replacement date. Most manufacturers recommend replacing them every 10 years and put stickers on the side with a “replace-by date”. Do you know how old your smoke alarm is or when it was installed?

smoke alarm installation - have you checked your expiry?

Many consumers do not realise smoke detectors have an expiry date on them.

The alarms i recommend and install come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty and sealed battery (lithium models) so there is no need to replace it. These models receive their charge from the mains supply so in the event of a power cut they continue protecting until power is resumed.

Stand-alone or inter-linked detectors?

Stand-alone detectors sound when they detect heat, smoke or carbon monoxide. Inter-linked models will sound all the alarms inside the home, giving the occupant a greater chance of hearing one of them. Would you hear your ground-floor detector whilst asleep in a first-floor bedroom? The best way to ensure you do is to have an alarm installed in your bedroom, landing area – or preferably both.

So if your home has a smoke detector installed on the ground floor and landing area, heat detector in the kitchen and a carbon monoxide alarm in the garage near to the boiler: in the event of any of them detecting all interlinked models will sound.

The detectors can be connected together via a wire, or using a wireless technology.

Detectors can communicate using a wire and wireless conneciton

Types of smoke alarm

Ionisation respond to fast-flaming fires and are sensitive to small particles, making them more prone to false alarms (and more so when they are placed near cooking areas). Suitable for stairwells and landings.

Optical detect smoldering fires associated with furniture fabric and overheated electrical wiring. The optical sensor sees smoke within its range. These are suitable for hallways, bedrooms and living rooms.

Heat alarms are designed for placement in kitchens and garages, where a rapid change in temperature will cause it to sound.

Heat detectors are designed for kitchens and garages

Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms sound when they detect carbon monoxide, an odorless, tasteless gas created by the incomplete combustion of fuels used in appliances such as heaters and boilers. Inhaling the gas reduces our body’s ability to carry oxygen and can be fatal.

Remote test and hush controls

I can also supply a remote control which can be fixed inside a cabinet, to the wall or moved around wherever you need it to be so when you want to test your alarms you don’t have to reach up and press the test button.

You don’t need to reach up to ceilings to test and hush your system – with a remote installed

In the event of a false alarm the hush button will silence the alarms for a set period.

Contact me today with your smoke alarm installation requirements for your Cardiff and CF71 home or business. I’ll respond promptly and arrange a convenient appointment to install them for you.


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