Extra sockets installed

I can replace cracked or faulty sockets outlets and also install sockets where they are lacking in your Cardiff home or business premises.

Sockets with built-in USB charging slots are an increasingly popular replacement, due to the amount of electronic devices in daily use. The benefit is that mains power is still available while you charge your device, as the cable for your phone, tablet or camera plugs directly in to the socket.

All the items I supply are British-made and guaranteed for a minimum of twelve months. If you’re looking for an exact replacement, take a photo of your existing switch or socket and email me for a prompt reply and no-fuss installation!

Do you have enough power points?

Extension leads can look unsightly, present a tripping hazard and can be easily overloaded, increasing the risk of fire. Appliances requiring a large amount of power – such as hair dryers, irons, kettles, heaters, dish washers, washing machines and tumble dryers – can operate at near the current limit a plug is designed to carry, so it’s not a good idea to use them on an extension lead with other devices. Appliances drawing large amounts of current like these should be plugged directly into a socket.

Additional socket outlets can be surface mounted, or flush with the wall. Cables can be surface mounted using plastic trunking, or chased into the wall for a hidden installation. I plaster the wall chases so it’s ready for decoration afterwards.

Surface mounting is a quicker and therefore cheaper job to complete, and can be installed in most areas. Cables buried inside walls must be located in what electricians call “permitted zones”. Permitted zones for your new socket outlets are horizontal and vertical runs from a nearby power point, or the run for the new one.

Get in touch if you would like a quote to replace existing switches or sockets or need more installed.