Portable appliance testing

Are you looking for a professional PAT testing service? Cardiff landlords and business owners hire me to inspect all their electrical appliances – not just the ones with plugs on and make them aware of items not fit for use. Faulty items can be repaired or replaced before they pose a risk to tenants and staff. Appliance inspection and testing from £65. This includes the first thirty minutes working time, labels and the appliance register ready for auditing or insurance requests.

Hire me for portable appliance testing in Cardiff because :

Testing electrical appliances can be disruptive to your business or rental. That’s why i offer evening and weekend appointments to help reduce inconvenience to customers, tenants and staff.

I’m insured to carry out testing in your premises.

I will provide the test results and adhere to any policies set by your trade association or insurer for testing electronic items.

Electrical equipment tested by a qualified electrician. Appliances connected to the fixed installation like hand dryers, towel heaters and vending machines all need testing. The term used by insurers is “inservice inspection and testing” because its not just items with plugs that need checking.

I accept payment by credit card and BACS.

Unfortunately not all users of portable electrical equipment are aware of risks with exposed parts and frayed cables which shouldn’t be used. They are not always easy to spot and its a common reason items fail when checked by a professional. The problem landlords and businesses are faced with is if they provide them; they also need to ensure they are safe for continued use.  PAT testing with a historic appliance register is the way to achieve this.
An earth continuity test is something only confirmed by the PAT tester equipment. Its not something a visual check can confirm. This vital check confirms the appliance has a satisfactory safety electrical connection. Under fault conditions exposed conductive parts can become live and present a shock risk. A good earth connection will operate the plug top fuse as designed by the manufacturer. If the resistance is too high (or there is no connection at all) exposed metalwork can remain live at full mains potential placing tenants and staff at risk of shock.
Insulation resistance testing confirms the cable and casing insulation is not breaking down.

Other electrical tests related to a healthy appliance

An item in good working order will have very little current leaking to earth.  Appliances leaking a lot of current pose a risk to the user and the reason behind the rcd tripping your consumer unit. As a registered electrician, i am qualified to carry out these additional tests for you.

The connection at socket outlets should provide users with protection from faulty appliances and electricians can test the earth loop impedance and rcd disconnection times comply at the same as inspecting your till, printers, computers and monitors.
Residual current leaks. Appliances can leak small amounts of electrical current which introduces a risk to users and can cause the rcd in your premises to trip leaving you without power. As part of my portable appliance testing service i will highlight if any of your equipment is leaking current.

All I need is access to the items you want to be inspected – I can take care of the rest, including the appliance register. I will email you when the re-test of items are due to ensure all your equipment is being visually/electrically checked in accordance with the code of practice that your insurer may refer to as PAT testing. I’m the electrician offering regular testing of electrical equipment to help reduce the risk of injury in your Cardiff rental or business.