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If your home needs to be rewired, this guide will hopefully answer some or maybe all of your questions. And if it doesn’t, you can always get in contact with me for further advice about rewiring your home.

Having rewired lots of houses, bungalows, flats, shops and offices throughout Cardiff, I can tell you the most successful rewires are the best-planned ones. You need to have a good think about what you want from it. So grab yourself a brew and let’s get started….

Seven things to ask yourself before rewiring your home

  • Does my house definately need to be rewired, or am I just guessing? Has it been inspected and tested and condemned because of old wiring, numerous faults or both?
  • I need to think blank canvas. I see so many prospective rewire jobs, where the client hasn’t had a chance to give it much thought and wants “whatever is there at the moment”. It’s worth having a good think about what you want to get from it before asking for a quote. It’s your chance to get sockets, lights and data points where you want them. And any future plans – like power for a detached garage or electric vehicle for example. Plan it properly with the electrician you choose to complete the job. Don’t hire just anyone and leave it up to them what to do. This is something you will only want to do once!
Chasing walls is messy!
  • Do I have to stay in the house? My advice: Move out. Stay with friends, family, airbnb – or whatever it takes to get out. It will get done quicker and you are less likely to get stressed out whilst your home is taken to bits. Ask friends, family and work colleagues if they have experience of house rewires and see what they say. Time is lost at the end of each day making things safe if you stay and you will need power for lighting and cooking so it creates additional work. I no longer carry out occupied rewires.
  • How am I going to pay for the rewire and any other trade work triggered as a result of it? When you get electricians to quote: don’t forget to ask for payment terms. Some want partial payment to book the job and get materials. Others may want 50% when the first fix is completed and the balance when the rewire is finished and certified. On the subject of payment, check how they want the payment to be made. Some electrical contractors, including myself offer credit card payment for all electrical work.
  • Do I want the wiring and accessories surface mounted or chased inside the walls? Rewiring is labour intensive. Surface mounting cables and accessories will save on labour time and therefore costs. But, it doesn’t look as nice. It doesn’t look too bad in places (like running vertically up the corner of a wall for example), but if it’s everywhere; it will stand out like a sore thumb. Chasing wiring and accessories takes longer, makes mess and costs more for redecoration, but does look a lot neater when finished.
  • Do I have any plans to change the kitchen? The kitchen is always the biggest requirement when rewiring. If your existing kitchen is staying, then sometimes things have to be done in a different way to minimize disruption and breakages to cabinets and tiles for example.
  • Do I need to put items in storage? A full rewire will mean access to a lot of your house (including the loft). The less in the way, the quicker it will get done and the less risk there is of items getting damaged or dusty.