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Electric showers installed Quickly!

Looking for a complete electric shower installation service in the Cardiff area? Perhaps you have an old shower and the water isn’t as hot as it should be. Maybe yours isn’t viable to repair? Installing a new electric shower unit from Mira, Tritan or Redring means instant hot water with a better showering experience.

I can replace your existing unit with the latest model suiting your budget and needs. Big shower heads allow a greater surface area of hot water. The higher the kilowatt rating the greater the water flow. Showers rated at 9.5KW and higher will offer a higher flow of water and a more pleasant shower experience.

If you are experiencing problems with your shower and it’s outside the manufacturer’s warranty you have to weigh up how much it cost you originally and how long it has lasted. Most Cardiff electricians I know advise replacing the shower with a similar model on the basis that the whole unit is guaranteed by the manufacturer (usually for two years). Although spare parts are readily available from manufacturers like Mira and Tritan, it’s usually more cost-effective to hire an electrician to install a new electric shower compared to the cost of spares and labour on older models.

If you don’t have a shower at the moment a site visit will be required prior to installing one. The cost of installing an electric shower will vary depending on:

  • The distance between the consumer unit and where you would like the shower to be installed.
  • If your electrical installation is ready for a new circuit. A spare way in the consumer unit that is rcd protected is necessary. The earthing and main bonding will also need to be up-to-date.
  • What is involved in getting a cold water feed to the shower. Electric showers need a mains cold water supply. Usually fed from a nearby bath, sink or hot water cylinder. Manufacturers require 1 bar of water pressure to work properly and this is something i can test before quoting to install although rarely a problem in the Cardiff area.
  • Sometimes a new cable is necessary. This is because older showers were less powerful and used less current. The size of cable was usually 6mm2, compared to the latest models which usually require 10mm2

The size of the cable for your new shower depends on:

  • The kilowatt rating of the new model.
  • The length of the cable from the consumer unit to the shower unit.
  • How the cable is installed (inside the wall, on top of thermal insulation etc)

The cable is run from the circuit protection inside the consumer unit to an isolator located inside the shower room, outside the door or nearby cupboard. This allows power to be removed for maintenance purposes.

Sometimes customers ask me if its worth considering an electric shower over a mixer type supplied from their combi boiler. I’ve found combi boilers do give a good shower experience, although do have some limitations. Customers with a combi boiler have got me to install an electric shower in its place because:

  • The temperature of the water can drop over a long distance between the boiler and shower unit.
  • In a busy house you have to remember the combi boiler can only deliver hot water to one place at a time.
  • The combi boiler can deliver hot water or heating, not both at the same time.