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An electric shower installation will transform your bath or shower room instantly and make waking up in the morning something to look forward to. No more waiting for water to heat up, running cold or low pressure. Installing a modern shower from Mira, Tritan or Redring electric will provide water at the temperature and pressure you want when you need it.

I can replace your existing electric (or plumbed in) shower with a new model and install a new circuit powerful enough for the latest 10kw models if you haven’t already got one. Customers choose electric showers because you only pay to heat the water you use instantly. They come in various outputs and styles to suit every household. The higher the kilowatt (KW) rating the greater water flow. If you are happy showering with a low amount of water flowing, you could make do with a 7 or 8 kw model. Electric showers rated at 9.5KW and higher will offer a higher flow of water and bigger shower head(s) to relax even more.


Mira Sport Shower Installation

Questions submitted from Cardiff residents about electric showers

Q. Should i repair or replace my electric shower?

A. If you are experiencing problems with your shower installation and it’s outside the manufacturer’s warranty you have to weigh up how much it cost you originally and how long it has lasted. Many electricians would advise replacing the shower with a similar model on the basis that the whole unit is guaranteed by the manufacturer (usually for two years).  Although spare parts are readily available from manufacturers like Mira and Tritan, its often more cost effective to hire an electrician to install a new electric shower in your Cardiff home or business when compared to the cost of spares and labour on older models.

Q. I don’t have a shower at the moment, what is involved in having one installed?

A. A site visit will be required to see what will be necessary to get a shower fitted inside your home.

Q. What plumbing is involved installing a shower?

A. Electric showers need a mains cold water supply. This is usually taken from a nearby feed from a bath or sink wherever possible. Most manufacturers require 1 bar of water pressure to work properly and this is something i can test before quoting to install although rarely a problem in the Cardiff area.

Q. My neighbour hired an electrician to replace his old Tritan model with a Mira make recently and said the cable had to be changed. I would like to replace my shower but does that mean i would need a replacement cable as well?

A. The size of cable required for your new shower depends on:

  • The kilowatt rating of the new model.
  • The length of the cable from the consumer unit to the shower unit.
  • How the cable is installed (inside the wall, on top of thermal insulation etc)

Any new shower circuits use a 10mm cable, compared to older installations which were often 6mm. This was because older models were less powerful (delivering less hot water) used less current and therefore didn’t need the bigger cable.

Q. I have recently moved in to a flat in Penylan, CF23 and the mains isolator is inside the shower cubicle. Is this OK? If not, should it have been picked up on the survey?

A. I’m afraid its not. The isolator should be a minimum of 600mm from the edge of the shower screen. For small areas, isolators are usually placed outside, or in a nearby cupboard. Home buyer surveys usually cover the structure of the property and not things like showering accessories unless you have paid for an enhanced one. Let me know if you would like me to quote to resolve this for you.

Isolators are available for inside and outside the shower area

If you would like a quote to replace or carry out a complete electric shower installation for your Cardiff property, please get in touch to see how i can help transform your bath or shower room today.


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