Professional electric cooker installation services

A complete, no-nonsense electric cooker installation service for Cardiff, Penarth and Dinas Powys. I can do whatever is necessary to get your electric cooker installed. So don’t risk paying twice! Instead, book me to replace your hob, oven or microwave. It’s as simple as this:

  • Follow my pre-check cooker installation list below.
  • Look online for electric cookers. Purchase your replacement and let me know the confirmed delivery date.
  • Book my electric cooker installation service.
  • I’ll attend, remove the old appliance, test the connection, install the new one and dispose of your old one.
  • You pay via bank transfer or credit card upon completion.

Your electric cooker installation pre-check list

1. Check the dimensions of your cooking area. Most integrated and free-standing ovens are 600mm wide, although they do come in smaller sizes of 500mm and larger 1000mm. The size of the opening will dictate what cooker you can have installed (unless you are having a kitchen makeover).

600mm induction hob 900mm rangemaster cooker

2. Read reviews to see what previous buyers think about the hob, double oven or microwave you are planning to buy before making the purchase. Retailers like, Currys, and John Lewis sell and deliver quality cookers, often within a few days.

3. Check you have the necessary power supply. Single ovens are usually plugged in. Double ovens and hobs need their own circuit. If you are replacing your appliances with the same device and the same power rating, you should be good to go. If you currently have a gas oven, then go to your fuse board and look for circuit protection labelled as “Cooker” or “Oven”. A standard cooker circuit will be protected by a 30, 32 or 40 amp device. If this is what you have, that’s good for hobs and double ovens on the market today. If you have nothing labelled to suggest you have the supply, you can send me a photo of the fuse board so I can take a look free of charge.

What happens on the day of installation

We will agree on a date and time slot when you book my service. Then, I’ll call you on the day with some notice.

I will isolate the supply to your old cooker and remove it from the cooking area upon arrival. I will then re-energise the supply and test the connection. When the electrical circuit protection and cable have passed, I’ll begin to unpack the new electric oven.

Some appliances come with a cooker cable, some (usually the freestanding electric cookers) do not. I will come equipped with everything I need to get your new oven, hob or microwave installed without fuss. I’ll even set the time and make sure it’s all working correctly before leaving.

Your electric cooker installation questions answered.

I carry out many electric cooker installations where the customer has paid AO, Curry’s or John Lewis and they didn’t do it. Customers tell me the installation fee is not refunded because it was outside the scope of the job. Some reasons that come to mind include:

  • Old houses in Cardiff often had the cooker control unit too close to the cooking area (sometimes called the hot zone).
  • The cooker connection unit (where the cable connects) is more than two metres from the appliances location.
  • The cooker cable or circuit protection does not comply with the wiring regulations.

As a professional electrician working throughout Cardiff, I offer a complete electric cooker installation service. I can replace like-for-like items, re-locate double pole cooking switches and install new wiring to the fuse board if that is what you need. So, don’t risk paying for two installations. Instead, hire me to get your new electric cooking appliances installed!

Some Cardiff homes don’t have a cooker circuit. A cooker circuit is a dedicated supply from the fuse board to the cooking appliance. If you have one, you should have something in the fuse board labelled as “cooker” or “hob” and usually protected by 30, 32 or 40 amp circuit protection. It is usually terminated inside a double pole isolating switch (big red button). From there, the wire runs to the cooking appliance. If you want all the benefits of an electric cooker installation, but are unsure if you have the supply, send me some photos for free advice.

My installation charges start from £75. Get in touch with your requirements and postcode for a more accurate cost.

There shouldn’t be anything directly above the cooker (650mm from the hob surface to the cooker hood). Cooker switches should ideally be an arms reach away. You can always send me photo’s, and if there is a problem, I can work with you to resolve them – it will be just more involved and costly than a straightforward swap over.

The typical lead time for a like-for-like replacement is within seven working days.

Take a look at point 3 of my electric cooker installation pre-check list and get In touch if you need further help before buying.

Some single ovens are rated at 3KW, and the manufacturer state must be hard-wired (not plugged in). Some alteration is necessary when this is the case.

Absolutely. Sometimes ovens that come with plugs from the manufacturer get hard wired into a fused connection unit.

Absolutely. Get in touch for a quick call out to get that resolved.

Hi Simon. This is a photo of my existing electric cooker. As you can see, the double pole isolating switch and socket is directly above. The Currys and AO installation process asks to confirm there is nothing in the “hot zone”. Can you help?


Hi. Yes, several customers have not noticed that is part of AO and Curry’s installation checklist, paid the install fee and not have the cooker installed on the day. The problem is the point of isolation (should a pan catch fire for example) is where the flames would be. To resolve that, I would blank the switch off and fit a new one to the left or right of the cooker assembly.