Complete Electric Cooker Appliance Installation Service

I offer a complete electric cooker installation service for Cardiff, Penarth and Dinas Powys. So if the retailer won’t install your new oven because the isolator is too close to the cooking surface or you don’t have the required circuit for an induction hob; I’m the electrician who will get your new double oven or hob installed in a jiffy.

How to get your appliance installation off to a flying start

1. Read reviews to see what previous buyers think about their new hob, double oven or microwave that you are planning to buy before making the purchase. Electrical retailers like, Currys, 501 Newport Rd and John Lewis in The Hayes sell and deliver quality cookers, often within a few days.

2. Check the dimensions of your cooking area. Most integrated and free-standing ovens are 600mm wide, although they do come in smaller sizes of 500mm.

3. Do you already have a cooker installed? Go to your fuse board and look for circuit protection labelled as “Cooker” or “Oven”. A standard cooker circuit will be protected by a 30 or 32-amp device. If this is what you have, that’s good for most double ovens on the market today. If you have a gas hob at the moment, or nothing labelled up to suggest you have the supply, then you can send me a photo of the fuse board so I can take a look free of charge.

4. Do you know where the isolator switch for your cooker is fitted? If it’s not obvious, then it may be on top of the cabinet or inside it. If your existing oven is connected via a plug and you are looking at one that states it needs a fixed connection, then additional work may be necessary.

5. Get in touch with your cooker installation requirements.

How I can help you with your new cooker

  • I will safely disconnect your old electric cooking appliance.
  • I will inspect and test the connection is suitable for your new hob, oven or microwave.
  • I will connect your appliance, test it works correctly and issue you with a minor works certificate.

Questions recently submitted about my cooker installation service in Cardiff

Q. The freestanding cooker i am thinking about buying states it must be hard wired. What does this mean?

A. Hard wired means the cooking appliance needs a permanent connection from the cooker to the outlet plate, so basically not a plug-in device.

Q. Hi Simon. I am looking for an oven to replace the existing one installed in our apartment in Cardiff Bay. I have found one i like currently stocked in Currys, Culverhouse Cross. The sales assistant said to check i have a suitable electrical connection before buying it. Is this possible without dismantling anything? Thanks, Sarah.

A. Hi Sarah. Single ovens are usually plugged in, double ovens require a dedicated supply which manufacturers and retailers usually refer to as a hard wired connection. If you are replacing like for like (single for single, double for double) you should be OK. I hope this helps, let me know if you need further information or want to book my complete cooker installation service. Thanks Simon

Q. I am looking at a Whirlpool hob on offer in John Lewis, St Davids 2 at the moment. It states a 32 amp supply is required. I have looked in my fuse board and “cooker” is labelled as 30 amp. Is this a problem?

A. Not really. 30 amp overload protection has been replaced by 32 amp on later consumer units. It will not make any difference to the operation of the hob you have been looking at.

Q. Hello. I ordered an induction hob from a retailer and paid for their installation service only to discover i haven’t got the necessary wiring in place. I live in an old terraced house on Albany Road near the Claude Pub. Will this be a lot of work to get working?

A. Hello. This really depends on where the kitchen is in relation to your fuse board and if you need additional work like main protective bonding and rcd protection. I am working near Roath Park this coming week if you would like me to call in one evening to take a look what would be required to get it installed.

If you live in Cardiff and need a complete, start to finish electric cooker installation service for any kitchen appliance; please get in touch today!