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Landlord Electrical Safety Check

Imagine this: A tenant that never calls, or gives the notice to leave your rental. A thorough eicr will help reduce calls because their purpose is to highlight electrical-related issues.

You then have the opportunity of resolving them before the phone starts ringing because there is an unsafe situation or a loss of power.

Why an electrical safety certificate for rented property is so important

If a socket outlet in your home broke, you would get it resolved as soon as possible because of the associated dangers. But not everyone is aware of electrical-related injuries. Electrocution and fire are two of them. Maybe that’s because not all faults are obvious. Most tenants know a cracked socket outlet is dangerous and needs to be replaced. The parts inside are at full mains voltage and dangerous to humans and animals that would come in contact with them. As a responsible landlord, you would get it resolved as soon as possible. But what if your tenant didn’t realise it was an issue and you had no idea until there was a terrible accident?

By getting your rental inspected and tested you can:

  • Sleep at night, knowing you have had the inspection tested and resolved any issues highlighted.
  • Expect fewer calls due to electrical-related problems.
  • Confident knowing the appliances that are part of the rental agreement are safe for continued use.
  • The electrical installation complies with the UK wiring regulations (BS7671).
  • Produce the eicr safety certificate to your tenant, Rent Smart Wales, your Insurer or local authority if necessary.
  • Comply with the Renting Homes (Wales) Act
  • Inform you if tenants are putting themselves and your electrical Installation at risk – as running extension leads in the bathroom or overloading socket outlets.

How can landlords keep the cost of an eicr down?

  • Keep all paperwork for electrical installation work and previous safety certificates. This way, whoever carries out an electrical report on your rental will have an easier job of working out what has been completed, when and save time on working out circuit descriptions and what is connected to what.
  • If a tenant moves out before the next, five-year inspection is due, you could carry out a visual inspection yourself – to check if there are any signs of problems, like broken accessories or non-working lights and hire a registered electrician to carry out repairs should you need them.
  • Remind your tenant to make you aware of any problems with the electrical installation so they can be repaired before they pose a problem and the cost increases due to additional work, or out of hours/bank holiday call outs.
  • Work out where the accessories are and what circuit breaker does what. A sketch of the property with a list of what is where and does what will save the inspector time.

Is a landlord eicr the same as a homebuyer’s one?

The purpose of an eicr is to:

  • Check the installation is safe for continued use.
  • Compare the Installation with the current standards.

For a landlord, an EICR will help keep their tenants and building safe from electrical-related issues by hopefully identifying things before they pose a risk.

A home buyer is looking to ensure their family and new home are safe from electrical-related issues. They also want to know if the installation needs to be updated before they can add more sockets, an electric shower, or an electric vehicle charge point, for example.