Thorough EICR Report Services

Is the electrical Installation safe? Can you add sockets or an electric vehicle charge point without additional costs? It's too late to call the buyer when contracts have been signed. It's your home now.

First, let’s discuss what most electricians you are considering hiring will base any estimate on:

  • Profit. How much profit is left when everything is paid.
  • Wages. How much they pay themselves every month.
  • Overheads. How much it costs to run their business.

So, why is the cost of an eicr so contentious you ask? Well, In a nutshell, it’s because if you hired three electricians, you are likely to get three different inspections.

It’s not like an MOT where the inspector follows the framework set out by VOSA which states all the things that have to be tested.

Each one will do what they do, and charge as they see fit. It’s very much a case of you might not get what you pay for, but you will pay for what you get. Some may do as little as possible, some may do a fair test and some may look at it as a way to upsell or scaremonger what they find.

But, here’s the thing: most electricians carrying out an eicr in Cardiff will use an eicr template from their scheme provider. It has all the parts of the installation to be covered and allows them to enter the test readings from the circuits. But, (and here it is!) it’s down to the inspector how much (or sometimes, how little!) is checked.

Why does the cost of an eicr in Cardiff vary so much?

And there doesn’t seem to be a relationship between the cost of an eicr and what you will get for it, sadly. Some low-cost ones check quite a lot. Maybe because they are happy to work for less, or see it as the foot in the door to upsell. Conversely, some charge a lot more and check less because they feel it’s all OK. They don’t inspect (or test) much because they don’t feel it necessary.

So how on earth are you supposed to know who to hire for a thorough, eicr test in Cardiff? Hire someone YOU TRUST. It’s exactly the same as trusting your dentist to check your teeth and mouth. Find an electrician you trust.

I’ve seen an EICR report someone paid £200 for that the person selling the house claimed no one went inside the house. How is it that possible? Well, if that is true, then it’s not. The only possible answer is that the results were made up.

To muddy the waters further, we need to go into a little more detail on what we have already discussed. An eicr can be carried out for specific purposes.

Let’s imagine your drive is flooded or the roof collapses and damages your detached garage. Your insurer is likely to ask for an EICR for the garage if it has lights and sockets inside. The person carrying out that inspection would write something like “detached garage only”. So whilst it is true they should check the supply and earthing in the house (because that is where it is being supplied), it is not an inspection of the house.

I was once asked to price the cost of an eicr for individual circuits at a large house in Cardiff. Why would someone only want 10% of the circuits tested on an eicr? Well, to cut a long story short: the seller had a huge loft conversion and two extensions with no paperwork for the electrical part. Now the house was up for sale and the buyer’s solicitor was asking for something to say:

  • The electrical installation work had been carried out by a professional.


  • An eicr had not discovered any problems.

I tested the circuits that were part of the amendments and wrote just that on the eicr template. The cost of the eicr for five circuits was cheaper than the sixteen that made up the whole installation.

So to sum up pricing for an eicr

  • It’s not like saying 100ml of your favourite toothpaste is twice the cost in one shop than another. That is comparing apples for apples. An eicr is not apples for apples, unfortunately, and neither is the pricing!
  • A cheap as chips eicr might check a lot but upsell to get compensated for the fact the inspector has been there most of the day for not very much. And their day isn’t over until they get home and type the report up and send it to you.
  • EICR codes used are open to debate! The codes reported can impact the amount your lender might give you for the property. Electrician A might say the fault he found is a Code 1, but Electrician B might say exactly the same fault is a Code 2 in his eyes. If you type something like “no rcd for bathroom” in to Google it will bring up a list of forums where electricians are arguing discussing the matter – sometimes for several weeks!
  • If the seller’s agent has requested and organized the eicr, the price you pay them may be more than the tester receives due to a commission being paid.

I put this article together to try and help explain the subject of eicr pricing – and why you are likely to get so many different answers. All electricians have their own view on what should be checked, the amount of time it should take, what they want to profit at the end of the job, or business year.

If you wanted someone else’s view on EICR pricing, you could take a look at the video from Artisan Electrics, (electricians in Cambridge) here: