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EICR certification explained

The paperwork you will receive after an eicr has been completed will depend on the electrician carrying out the Inspection.

Some complete paper forms and some are generated online. You may also receive other documents to help explain the electrical installation. Photos and videos are useful for the Inspector and person requesting the certificate. If you have any EICR questions, your first point of contact should be the Inspector who carried it out.

The NICEIC portal allows their registered electricians to complete the necessary certification for a recently completed EICR. Delivered in PDF format.
Condition report certification is also available in paper copy allowing the electrician and requestor to have one copy each. Referred to as IPM18 (domestic installations up to 100 amp)

Details of the client

The full name, address, and telephone number of the person requesting the certificate are entered here. This could be the home buyer, estate agent, or homeowner.

Details of the Installation

The full details of the installation that has been tested is entered here.

Purpose of the report

This field allows the Inspector to state the reason the EICR has been carried out. Typical reasons are house purchase, landlord request, and Insurance reasons.

A typical domestic inspection may take a couple of hours, or possibly a full day. But the NICEIC online form allows a date range because commercial and industrial inspection and testing can go on for weeks, or months.

The records available function would allow the Inspector to tick if Installation certificates are available for viewing. When an EICR is available, the Inspector can enter the date of last test. This is useful because it can speed up the inspection process and allows the electrician to see if any of the test readings have degraded since the check.

Summary of the condition of the Installation

This allows the Inspector to summarise his or her findings, if they determine the installation satisfactory for safe, continued use, and provide a recommended next test date.

Details and Limitations of the Inspection and Testing

The Inspector is asked to fill in details about the Installation and what it covers.

Supply Characteristics and Earthing Arrangements

Electrical Installation has different types of supplies and earthing arrangements. The most common supply I have come across in domestic Installations in Cardiff are single-phase, TNS (older areas like Cathays, Roath, Splott, Llanrumney), and TNC-S (newer developments such as Plas Ty Draw, Cae St Fagans, Edeyrns Village, Churchlands)

Particulars Of Installation Referred To In The Report

Further Information about the supply to the installation can be recorded here. Earthing, main bonding conductors and isolator.

Schedule Of Items Inspected 1.

Comments about the supply intake can be recorded here. The service head and fuse are installed by the DNO when the property is built, or if needed to be replaced for some reason. There are several operators including Northern Powergrid, UKPN, Scottish and Southern Energy. Cardiff is served by Western Power Distribution.

Schedule Of Items Inspected 2.

Schedule Of Items Inspected 3.

The primary method of electrical safety in the UK is called ADS (automatic disconnection of supply) which depends on earthing and bonding. Details are entered here.

Schedule Of Items Inspected 4.

Schedule Of Items Inspected 5.

Distribution equipment is commonly known as fuse board or consumer units. Details about them and the circuit protection within them are entered here.

Schedule Of Items Inspected 6.

Distribution and final circuit details are entered here.

Schedule Of Items Inspected 7.

Isolation and switching details are entered here.

Schedule Of Items Inspected 8.

Current using equipment (such as lighting) details are entered here.

Schedule of Items Inspected 9

Details about special locations are recorded here.

Observations and Recommendations For Actions To Be Taken

This section lists any items recorded from the schedule of items inspected and allows the Inspector to add anything outside of those areas by entering them manually.

Circuit Details and Test Results

The distribution board(s) are entered here and the relevant circuit details. It includes the circuit protection, size of cables in use and the number of accessories connected to them.

Attach Comments

This allows the tester to enter all details about its request, the condition, and parts inspected.

Attach Images and notes

Photos and additional notes can be added to help explain the Inspectors findings here.


The inspector carrying out the EICR will enter their details here. If the electrician is a sole trader, the QS will be the same. If it’s a large electrical contracting company, the QS reviewing the report maybe different.

Summary & Problems

This section contains minimal detail for auditing purposes.