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Data point installation for Cardiff home and business: book your survey today if:

  • You are fed up with an unreliable network connection.
  • You have tried everything suggested for your powerline adapters but still not happy.
  • You are working from home and cannot put up with the mediocre wireless signal you always used to.
  • You are receiving connectivity errors from your Ring doorbell installation.

I install quality, network cabling using best working practices so you get a proper connection, 100% of the time. And I don’t just install the cabling and get on my way. Like all responsible data installation companies; I test the wiring for problems and that it is performing as it should. So, when I am finished; you can be confident your desktop, laptop, server, gaming machine is connected exactly as it should. Don’t put up with problems associated with an unreliable connection whilst using the Internet, phone, television, gaming or CCTV!

Why Hire Me To Install Data cabling?

  • I’m a professional electrician. I install and terminate cables for a living. Sure, you can buy a really long piece of CAT5 or CAT6 cable with the RJ45 plugs already fitted and do that yourself. But how long before someone trips over it, or you realise how unsightly it looks. And whatever you do: don’t stuff it under the carpet!
  • Some say: “powerline adapters can do the job – why have data cabling installed professionally?” Well, customers who have already purchased and used adapters for some time (from various manufacturers) still hire me to install CAT5 and CAT6 network cabling in Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan. Some say the speeds they work at can vary. Sometimes they work very well and sometimes they don’t work at all. Sometimes a hard reset is necessary and email tennis with the support team to no avail. They all rely on the earth wire within the installation. The resistance of this wire can be higher than the units like on some installations. Often, due to the length of cable. And sometimes there are small amounts of current on the earth wire which causes the adapters big problems meaning you lose the connection on your computer, television or Ring security camera.
  • Get 100% from your Internet connection. How much do you pay for your Internet connection? £30, £50 a month? Whatever you pay make sure you are making it work for you 100% of the time. That means a proper, cable connection to wherever your devices are. Are you paying for something and receiving 50% of its potential due to your equipment? On the subject of Internet Service Providers – that is something I can help you with if you want me to. Just ask!
  • Working from home more now? The 2020 Corona Virus pandemic has resulted in more Cardiff residents to work from home. Maybe your spare bedroom is now your office? Don’t give your boss an excuse to call you in! A cable connection from your broadband equipment to your workspace means a reliable connection to your work email, Intranet and live chat. Once you have network cabling installed; It will be like you never left (just remember to set your alarm for 08:50 instead of 6am!)
  • Busy wireless channels, big houses and thick walls often mean the broadband device your Internet provider gave you isn’t perfect all the time. Installing a data point where you work will mean you will get 100% connectivity, 100% of the time. Wireless certainly has its place. Some customers hire me to install cabling to allow installation of access points on both floors of the house for a much, much better service.
  • Security. Lots of devices (baby monitors, CCTV and central heating controls) rely on a reliable connection.
  • Happy Kids! Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation perform better when connected via a cable. The game itself is a huge download and often stalls when attempting over wi-fi. Customers tell me the units have become corrupt whilst updating themselves due to a poor wireless solution.