Network cabling installation, troubleshooting and testing

If you need data point installation for your home or business – and live in Cardiff or the surrounding area; I can help. I install quality cabling using the best working practices so you get the best connectivity 100% of the time. I don’t just install the cabling – like responsible data installation companies; i test the wiring for problems and that it is performing as it should. So you can be confident your desktop, laptop or gaming machine is performing as it should. Don’t put up with unreliable Internet, phone, television, gaming or CCTV!

Five reasons customers want data network cabling installed in 2020

  • A reliable internet connection. Working from home? Don’t give your boss an excuse to call you in the Office. With a reliable connection it will be like you never left! Busy wireless channels and big houses with thick walls can mean the broadband device your Internet provider gave you doesn’t give you the best all of the time. Installing a data point where you work will mean you will get 100% connectivity, 100% of the time.
  • Perfect voice calls. If you use a VOIP to make calls for business or leisure you will know how important a good connection is. Installing a cable will provide you with a rock solid connection all of the time.
  • Streaming. With Smart Televisions now more and more common; a data cable is the preferred method.
  • Security. Lots of devices (like CCTV and baby monitors) rely on a reliable connection.
  • Happy Kids. Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation perform better when connected via a cable. The game itself is a huge download and often stalls when attempting over wi-fi