Electrician’s In Cardiff You Can Count On

Fed up with electricians? Not knowing when they will arrive, non-returned calls and cash only? Thankfully, you can forget all that. Simon Portillo: The reliable electrician Cardiff home and business owners hire for dependable commercial and domestic electrical services. Here’s what to expect from Simon Portillo Electrician’s Services:

  • Excellent customer service. I help customers throughout Cardiff with electrical services and after sales support. I won’t ignore you after payment has been made! I’ve invested in a contact system to ensure inquiries don’t get ignored and responded to quickly.
  • Competence. I’m a member of NICEIC (approved contractor) which means I have the necessary experience, qualifications, insurance and complaints policy to work in your home or business.
  • Trust. I’ll do what is best for you. You can see my DBS and Insurance documents right now on the contact page.
  • Preferred method of payment is bank transfer or debit / credit card which means you will get a receipt from me and one from your bank or card provider.
  • All work carried out to a high standard and compliant for 2021 wiring regulations.
  • Some aspects of electrical installations (bathrooms, kitchens and outbuilding supplies in Wales for example) must comply with local building regulations. You will receive the necessary certificates (installation and Part P) so you don’t have problems when selling your home or business. You can check an electrician’s registration status on the Registered Competent Person website.
  • Fixed rate fault finding. Do you have a wiring fault or rcd tripping problem? Half and full day hire available. Lots of happy customers tell me this is better than “just fix it” with an unknown bill at the end! If the problem isn’t resolved I can advise what is necessary to do just that.

Haydn Cooper. “Great service. Polite. Competent. Helpful.”

Simon Portillo – The Electrician In Cardiff You Can Rely On.

Still looking for an electrician in Cardiff?

There are lots of electricians in Cardiff offering a whole range of electrical services if you are still looking. Around one hundred on the NICEIC register at the time of writing. There are other scheme memberships if that’s not enough! Elecsa (part of the Certsure Group that NICEIC belongs to), NAPIT and Stroma to name a few. All with their own searches for electricians offering commercial and domestic electrical services you need.

Hopefully you will choose me for fault finding and any associated electrical work . Why not take a look at my Google ratings for electrical installation work carried out in 2020? Customers recommend me to family and friends and my work is covered by the NICEIC platinum promise.

Electrical Services For South Wales Home And Business

Electrical testing. Circuits leaks occur when current is leaking somewhere it shouldn’t; posing a risk of electrocution, fire, or both. When was the last time your electrical installation was tested? You might notice a leaking pipe, but no one can see electricity. Electrician’s use calibrated test equipment to check for problems. Inspection and testing helps keep your family and staff safe. If you have a commercial premises your Insurer might insist on it every five years.

Mandy Pope. “Very reliable and efficient service. Attention to detail and tidy. Thanks Simon”

Fault finding. Did you think your fuse board tripping was a one off? Did you know most circuit protection works correctly when tested? So, if your fuse board trips it is likely you have a potentially dangerous situation that needs to be investigated. Don’t take chances with electrical problems in your home. It might not be just a freezer full of food you will lose. Get in touch for a quick appointment with your local electrician.

Condition reports – EICR (also known as periodic inspection and testing, electrical safety check and landlord electrical check). The purpose of an EICR is to ensure installations are safe for continued use and compare with the latest wiring regulations. Just because an electrical installation works does not mean it’s safe, or complies with the latest regulations – something that caught a lot of homebuyers out in South Glamorgan last year.

Emergency electricians. Do you have an urgent problem – something affecting the safety or experience in your home or business? I’ve written some electrical guides based on emergency wiring and repairs I’ve carried out in 2020. Whilst they have helped many, you can check out my out of hours electricians service for Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan.

Home maintenance. Some think a new light switch or replacement sockets isn’t a trade job. But it is ! Electrical accessories are readily available for DIY – but don’t risk it! It’s something I carry out regularly for customers throughout Cardiff, Penarth and Dinas Powys. Don’t take a chance wiring your own accessories. Even simple electrical repairs need to be carried out properly with safety in mind. It’s always best to hire a qualified electrician – no matter how simple the repair may seem.

I attended an emergency call where the owner was electrocuted when attempting to replace his shower switch. He switched the main switch off under the stairs believing the whole installation to be dead. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize there was another consumer unit for the bathroom still live located in the garage. The paramedics took him to UHW and thankfully he lived to tell the tale but swore he would never go near mains wiring again.

Lighting. I must have installed hundreds of different light fittings. If you need advice on what will work, where – please get in touch. Perhaps you have already purchased light fixtures and need them installed? Either way I can help.

RCD tripping. If your rcd has ever tripped you will know what an inconvenience it is! Complete loss of power that is. Customers tell me I’ve written a useful rcd tripping guide that’s helped people all over the UK and Ireland get their rcd switch back on. But if you still need help, live in Cardiff, Penarth or Dinas Powys – I’m an NICEIC approved electrician who can help.

PAT Testing. As part of my electrical inspection (EICR) services I offer appliance testing – mainly for Landlords and businesses across South Glamorgan. Cardiff electricians generally don’t advertise these services. That’s because a lot of people consider it a labelling exercise and therefore only want to pay peanuts. The truth is inspecting appliances is the main part of pat testing – It’s not just putting a label on (which isn’t a requirement by the way). Responsible business owners and landlords in Cardiff know electrical installations and items supplied must be safe for use. When I test your electrical accessories you will get an excel sheet with the items and their results. This is what Insurers look for in the event of any problems (not the sticker which you can buy on ebay).

Re wires. Have you purchased a home in South Wales and discovered the wiring is old, dangerous or in need of emergency repair? Cable manufacturers state the PVC wiring electricians use to rewire domestic installations typically last twenty five to thirty years. Ask any builder and they will tell you there are a lot of one hundred year old homes in Cardiff (Splott, Roath, Pontcanna and Cathays for example) – some with fifty year old wiring and circuit protection. Is your new home one of them? Maybe the seller has told you and open to negotiation based on the fact a full rewire or fault finding is necessary? My rewire guide covers the disruption, labour intensity and what you can expect to pay for a partial and full rewire In Cardiff this year. It includes details you should ask electricians quoting for the work and how various trades are sometimes required.

Fuse board replacement. Lots of properties in Cardiff still have old fuse boards without rcd protection. RCDs are safety devices designed to prevent electrocution and fire. I cannot think of a scenerio where they are not required in a domestic property in South Glamorgan. The last update to the wiring regulations included lighting. Historically, homes built in Cardiff had consumer units without this vital protection on the lighting circuit (and sometimes cookers). As an NICEIC approved electrical installation company: I have replaced hundreds of old fuse boards with the later rcd models in one working day.

Ruth Evans. “Simon’s attention to detail was obvious from the first contact. He was punctual and professional and completed the work with the minimum of disruption.”

I dot all the i’s and cross the t’s with building regulations for work including additional sockets, new consumer units, outside power supplies and jobs inside a bathroom as well. I’ll confirm all the necessary details and you will receive the Part P documentation upon completion. Don’t get caught out with non certified electrical work from any Cardiff electrician. It will cause you headaches with your Insurer and delays if you decide to sell.

It’s still all about me

I’ll work with you on achieving electrical solutions you want and do the best for you. If I spot something in your Interest, I’ll let you know – even if it inconveniences me.

Still not convinced? One example of exceptional customer service (or so I was told) that comes to mind is what happened to me whilst working as a domestic electrician in Cathays, in the heart of Cardiff’s City Centre. I was about to chase the walls ready for new wiring in a kitchen and noticed how damp they were. I informed the owner who thanked me and asked If I could hold on until it was checked by a surveyor. Long story short: there was a problem with the roof and render on the outside which needed to be resolved urgently – and before the new wiring and kitchen was installed. Yes, it stalled my work, but there was no way I was going to carry on knowing there were issues with the clients kitchen wall.

So, that’s it from me. Why not provide me with the details of your electrical work using the contact form below? I’ll let you know If and when I can help quickly.

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