Reliable Cardiff Electrician For Local home and business

Cardiff electricians are plentiful, granted, but would you know who to hire for reliable, trustworthy electrical services? There are lots of electricians in Cardiff, so where do you start? A non-starter with unanswered calls and messages in the ether? Yep, I feel your pain. I deal with Tradespeople too!

You will get a reply and good communication from me as well as reliable electrical installations. Typical electrical facilities include fuse board replacement, electrical safety checks, replacement sockets, security lighting, and most small electrical jobs at competitive prices in South Glamorgan from Simon Portillo.

If you can spare thirty seconds, I’ll give you five reasons to contact me about the effortless, excellent service you will experience with me. Or you can get straight to it, tell me about your electrical problems here:

  1. Electricians in Cardiff aren’t the easiest people to contact. Electrical repairs are often in awkward places, at height with noisy tools. So it’s not always possible to answer calls. I feel your frustration (I deal with tradespeople too!), but you will get a swift reply from me, guaranteed. Enter your details above for a prompt yes / no answer, free quote and efficient service.
  2. A domestic electrician that will complete small electrical repairs (often ignored by others, based on what happy clients tell me!) such as light fittings, shower switches, extra sockets, condition reports (EICR), and much more.
  3. You will only get professional electrical services, maintenance, and repairs from me – not any old job I can get away with. My commercial and domestic electrical work and fault-finding are always high standards and compliant with 2021 wiring regulations.
  4. I solemnly promise not to go all cliché and Ignore you after payment has been made. Rest assured, I’ll be back in the unlikely event of any problems with my electrical repairs, give you excellent service, and check you are completely satisfied before leaving.
  5. You don’t have to worry about getting cash- even for small domestic work, emergency call outs or a quick appointment. Preferred payment is bank transfer, bank or credit card.

    5 star review  I needed to have some ethernet plugs fitted to a data cable and despite trying, I could not get it to work. I contacted Simon to ask if he could... read more

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    8 August 2021

“Very reliable and efficient service. Attention to detail and tidy. Thanks Simon” Mandy Pope


Still looking for a Cardiff electrician?

Cardiff has no shortages of electricians offering fault finding, pat testing, full rewires, commercial maintenance, and general electrical services. So you sure have lots to choose from!

And, of course, you could carry on looking and contact someone else for electrical solutions like faulty wiring. Calls and texts are free, after all. Or post a job asking for electricians on Rated People and Checkatrade.

“Simon’s attention to detail was obvious from the first contact. He was punctual and professional and completed the work with the minimum of disruption.” Ruth Evans

But, here is the thing. Do you think electricians in Cardiff would pay to see your details when trade is busy (and it usually is)? Will your calls be answered whilst they are working on another electrical problem?

Of course, you could complete my form right now and get in touch. But that would be selfish of me, wouldn’t it? On the other hand, it has everything I need to provide you with a fast response. But if you are still looking for an electrician, then I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

They still work locally. Many qualified electricians with extensive knowledge live in Cardiff, although some travel further for commercial electrical services and domestic work that lasts longer (and pays better).

Their number hasn’t changed since they resolved the last electrical issues for you. However, maybe the number you had for them changed when they started an employed job carrying out industrial electrical work or had problematic clients.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of electricians in Cardiff aren’t easy to contact. Why? A lot of electrical work needs concentration. You certainly don’t want to be carrying out electrical repairs like replacement fuse boards or fault-finding with the phone ringing constantly.

Regarding phones ringing, if you had a quick appointment because of an electrical safety concern or fault-finding exercise, you would think it’s not too much trouble for the fully qualified electrician to give you 100% attention. However, it’s hard to do that when the phone is constantly ringing.

Imagine this: You have just moved to Cardiff and discovered exposed live parts in your outdoor garden lighting. Thanks to Google, you found an emergency electrician with a quick appointment. You turn the main switch off in the consumer unit whilst you wait for them to arrive. You are paying a call-out fee every half an hour whilst they are carrying out the electrical repairs. You want your electricity back on as quickly as possible to stop your freezing warming up, get the heating back on and keep the overall electrician’s invoice as small as possible.

That’s precisely why I have a VA to deal with general inquiries about my electrical services to be more efficient whilst carrying out electrical repairs. So I am not trying to answer queries and book other work when I need to be getting your electricity back on. It’s hard to work on and in the business at the same time!

My VA has access to my calendar and knows what electrical services I am carrying out at the time of your inquiry. They also filter out what electrical repairs I can’t help with so the client can find a reliable electrician.

It’s the one-man-band thing again, but many electricians in Cardiff are self-employed. Businesses don’t take time off, but people do. The thing is, we are the business! So maybe the best electrical solutions you used last time are away right now when you need them.

The contact form I had built to help provide excellent service to my customers will tell you when I take time out so you don’t waste time guessing If I can help. If I can’t help, you can spend time finding a reliable electrician who can.

They aren’t on holiday. Always busy, but electricians do take holidays! So imagine I am on holiday for two weeks and you have an electrical problem. My (you guessed it) contact form will tell you when I am on holiday, so you can look for someone else if you need an electrician in a hurry.

Moved to Cardiff and searching for a reliable electrician?

Contact me 24 hours a day. I’ll respond as soon as I can, and you won’t be left wondering If I can help—lots of happy customers throughout Cardiff trust my domestic and commercial work and Integrity. I’m pleased to offer free advice, and I’ll do what is best for you. I’ll make you aware of things in your interest. You can check my DBS and Insurance documents right now on the contact page.

Having worked for global players with pre-and post-sales surveys, I know what annoys customers and try my best not to do these things! So instead, I’ve cut the fluff out and concentrate on giving solid craft all of the time at a competitive price for Cardiff and surrounding areas.

Competence. Along with the other hundreds of registered Cardiff electricians, I’m a member of NICEIC (approved contractor scheme). So I have the necessary experience, qualifications, insurance, and complaints policy in place. Just don’t choose one of the thousands of Tradespeople who aren’t with a scheme provider!

They might have good communication and offer a reasonable price. Still, They might not be insured, and you will likely receive no paperwork for the fuse board replacement or additional sockets installed. As a result, you will have a headache when you want to sell your home or process an insurance claim.

I will provide you with the necessary installation certificates (and Part P) to avoid selling hassle. When looking for electricians: check their registration status on the Competent Person Register first! For example, some electrical installations (bathrooms, kitchens, and outbuilding supplies in South Wales) must notify local building control in County Hall.

It’s also confirmation they are up-to-date with the wiring regulations and Insured. You can find me by searching my name or postcode.

Typical electrical services

Here are the most popular domestic/commercial electrical jobs I have carried out in 2021.

Faulty Wiring

Are you concerned about the condition of the wiring or repairs in your house? Many houses in the Cardiff area are over one hundred years old, so inspections are essential to help prevent injury and electrical problems. Maybe you have seen something that doesn’t look safe or are not even sure if it’s part of the electrical installation. I carry out electrical safety checks covering all aspects with practical solutions.


Fuse Board Replacement

No one wakes up in the morning and thinks they should get their fuse board replaced. Usually, an inspection or quote for extra sockets highlights the lack of rcd protection.

The latest consumer units offer additional protection from electrocution and fire. However, if you haven’t got rcd protection, you should contact the installation checked because it’s possible the earthing and bonding will also need updating.


Security Lighting

I can replace your existing outside light fittings and install new wiring to supply new ones – wherever you need them to be. LED lighting is getting better all the time, and with fixtures readily available for all styles and budgets, it’s no surprise it’s one of my famous electrician’s services.


What about electrical testing?

You will pay my fixed rates for electrical testing in Cardiff. Clients tell me this is better than “just fix it” with an unknown bill at the end! I can advise what is necessary to resolve the issue; it can be completed on the visit if it’s more involved.

So if you are worried about how much electrical testing, a wiring fault, or rcd tripping problem will cost, please let me know.


Repair and maintenance

As I mentioned earlier, one of my most popular electrical services for local homes and businesses is minor repairs. Typically, customers who need replacement lighting, electric cooker installation, cracked sockets, and an inspection for a house purchase need it done quickly.

Often large firms employing lots of commercial electricians are working on large-scale installations and can’t stop what they are doing for small, sometimes emergency jobs. I’m your local reliable Cardiff electrician who can often respond to this type of work quickly.

Extra sockets

Indoor and outdoor sockets where you need them. A full range of sockets can be installed surface-mounted or chased inside the walls. Surface mounting is less labour intensive and therefore costs less. Sockets chased inside the walls do look nicer, although they result in some degree of decoration.


Free advice

Yep, that’s right! So many customers and inquiries have benefitted from reliable maintenance, inspection, testing, and installation questions answered. So if you live in South Wales and think I can help, please ask me a question.