Dependable Electrician For Cardiff, Penarth and Dinas Powys

I’m the electrician Cardiff home and business owners hire for electrical inspections, installation, troubleshooting and testing. I offer Cardiff, Penarth and Dinas Powys a complete range of commercial and domestic electricians services . Hi, I’m Simon Portillo. Based three miles from the Welsh capital i respond to electrical problems throughout the week and weekend. I will reply to your emails quickly and work for customer satisfaction.


Why customers choose me for electricians services in Cardiff:

  • They can view my CRB before hiring me.
  • I accept credit cards- useful for unexpected wiring problems ahead of payday!
  • They can read independent reviews about me on Google , and Cardiff directory,
  • Like other registered electricians in Cardiff; i am City and Guilds qualified, insured and supply the correct documents upon completion.
  • I help them choose the right appliances, electrical accessories and light-fittings before they buy them.
  • I’ve been recommended by their friends and family to carry out electrical work.
  • My work is covered by the NICEIC’s platinum promise for complete peace of mind.
  • I’m up-to-date with the latest wiring regulations and certify my installations so you don’t need to involve the councils building control team at County Hall.

I’m one of the electricians customers throughout the city centre depend on for advice, installation and maintenance with items including:

  • Indoor and outdoor light fittings: What to buy, what works best where and what is required to get the power where you need it.
  • Comprehensive electrical inspections helping to prevent nasty surprises before purchasing an older property in the Welsh Capital.
  • RCD tripping trouble-shooting: most people in Cardiff have experienced random power loss when their rcd tripped. I can help you resolve problems (sometimes an electricians call out isn’t even necessary) like this.
  • Older rewireable fuse boards replaced with new consumer units providing additional protection from electrocution and fire.
  • USB socket outlets.
  • Home automation.
  • Power supplies for sheds, garages, log cabins and much, much more!

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Moving to Cardiff and need an electricians advice? Contact me to ask a question or see if it’s been answered below:

Q. I am experiencing some electrical problems in my flat on Cathedral Road and think i need an electricians help. I have woken up twice this week and power for the whole property is off. The rcd switch turns back on but there is obviously an underlying wiring problem. Any advice what i can check? How soon could you call out? I live at the Clare Street end near Sophia Gardens. Thanks Mike.

A. Hello Mike. You could take a look at my rcd tripping article – that may help. If not, i am working in Hamilton Street this week so could call in one evening to take a look. Thanks Simon

Q. I have recently moved in to an apartment in Altolusso and would like to replace all the light fittings. Do you supply and fit only?

A. You can purchase light fittings to suit your rooms decor and budget. Don’t be put off by sealed lights – that is something that cannot have the lamp removed. This is the way a lot of lights are being manufactured now. LED based fittings last a long time, cost less to run and generate no heat. I would recommend taking a look at the Astral lighting store on Sloper Road.

Q. Simon, I have an office in Charles Street, CF10 and have computer problems which we believe is due to faulty cabling. Is this something you would be able to resolve/quote to put right?

A. Yes, i install and troubleshoot problems with data cabling. Please respond with your full address and opening hours so i can arrange a convenient time to take a look at what is involved to resolve.

Q. I am looking for local electricians to provide costs to replace a distribution board that was damaged as a result of moving office furniture. My business is based in St Andrew’s Cresent. Is this something you would be interested tendering for?

A. Yes. Please can you provide your full contact details so i can arrange to call in to provide a cost and out of hours time to complete the works.

Q. I recently moved in to an apartment in Dumballs Road and assumed someone had turned the fuse off for the lighting because it was empty although now realised it switches off randomly! Can you offer any advice on what i can check, or do i need a call out? Thanks Karl

A. Hi Karl. If it is the circuit protection for the lighting tripping then you could remove the lamps from the fittings and replace one at a time to see if that helps. If not, look for a pattern – does it happen when a certain room is used for example? There are other electrical items connected to lighting circuits – such as extractor fans inside bathrooms which could be causing a problem. If you have one, it is worth turning the isolator off to rule that out. If all that fails, i am working in Overstone Court on Friday so could call in and take a look for you.

Q. I am looking at having a new kitchen installed and the first company i called in said all the electrics will need to be replaced. I live in relatively new apartments near St Davids Hospital and would like a second opinion/quote to carry out the work. Can you help?

A. Kitchens have the most electrical requirements within the home so i would need to see plans of what appliances you are contemplating having – and where before attending to price the proposed work. Thanks Simon

Q. My electric shower has started dribbling water out of the bottom of its case. We moved in to Corvette Court ten years ago and it was already installed so guess it needs replacing. There is an electrician living nearby who looked at it and said other work is required to get up to the latest standard. I am looking for estimates to carry out the work required to get a new, powerful shower installed.

A. I agree that a ten year old faulty shower should be replaced and not repaired. The additional work the electrician mentioned may include rcd protection and main bonding. Would you like me to call in tomorrow evening between 6 and 7 pm to take a look?

Q. Hi, I am looking at purchasing an apartment on Westgate Street in the City Centre and the building societys surveyor has suggested having the electrics tested. What is involved with this? The current owner is still living there.

A. Hi. Some of the testing requires the circuits to be de-energised. This means there will be periods with no power at all. I carried out an inspection on a two bedroom apartment in Westgate Steet last year and it took four hours – start to finish. Let me know if this is something you wish to book in. Thanks Simon.